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Sugar, Water, Cottage Cheese(Milk) Solids and Rose water.

For Allergen see ingredient in Bold.

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Rasgulla- a scrumptious delicacy from Bengal that has been ruling over the hearts and tastebuds of people all across India. These delicious little balls of heaven are made from a soft, spongy dough that's been soaked in a sugary syrup, creating a perfect blend of sweetness and texture. They're the perfect choice for anyone with a sweet tooth, whether you're looking to satisfy a craving or simply enjoy a tasty treat. But what really sets Haldiram's Tins of Sweets - Rasgulla apart from other desserts is their convenience. Packed in a handy tin, these sweets are easy to take with you wherever you go, making them a great choice for picnics, parties, or simply enjoying them at home.
Pack Size 1 Kg Shelf Life 12 Months


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