Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Haldiram UK is fully governed by HALDIRAM OVERSEAS PVT. LTD., and we advise all the users and customers coming to our site to read our Terms and Conditions carefully before accessing any detail or making a purchase. As a visitor/customer on our site, you are advised to go into the details of the Terms of Use and make you aware of all your legal rights while accessing or buying a product.

The terms and conditions we have framed over here are meant for users/customers to know about their rights of accessing the site from a desktop, mobile, or from any device. By using our site, You (customers/users) confirm the fact that you have accepted our terms and conditions. By doing so, you acknowledge a kind of agreement between Us as the organization and between You as customers. Moreover, you further accept the terms of using our site at your own risk including that of coming across any objectionable or inappropriate information.

Personal Information

As part of our registration process, we at Haldiram may collect personally identifiable information from your side. It might include your full name including the first and the last name, valid email address, and contact details. We utilize this information to offer you our products/services and further reach you for offering any discount, sending email, and for other purposes.

Eligibility Criteria

Here, we follow strict eligibility criteria for end-to-end usage of our platform. Persons who are minors are incompetent to contact with us to utilize the site on their own without the support of their parents.

We reserve the right that, if your age is below 18 years, you may have the right to use or make a purchase on our site under the direct supervision of your parents who also agree to be bound by our streamlined terms and conditions. Moreover, you are even prohibited to buy any product that is meant specifically for adult consumption, even accessing our site under the supervision of your seniors.

Our marketplace product platform’s sole purpose is to meet the domestic self-consumption requirements of customers looking for retail products. Concerning the same, we totally refuse any business owner, wholesale, or any entity buying our products for the sole purpose of further reselling the same to third-party individuals.

Here, we as a company reserve the complete right to terminate your contract with us or refuse your access to our platform related to any product service, if you found the fact that (i) you have not met our eligibility criteria (ii) we reserve the right to terminate your registration if come to know that you have violated any of the terms of our eligibility criteria (iii) might have breached our User Agreement.

License & Accessibility

HALDIRAM OVERSEAS PVT. LTD. grants you a limited sub-license which is for the sole purpose of accessing our website information and products for personal usage devoid of any download, modify or any portion for it. We reserve the right for you to do so only after taking written consent from our side.

Also, make sure the fact that the limited sub-license offered to you is not for the purpose of any of the commercial usages, resale any of our website product-related content, its modification, duplication, or downloading the same for any of the third-party usages. You are not even directed to use our product descriptions, listing, prices, or any of the derivatives for commercial usage.

* You are restricted to utilizing any of the material of our website for content modification, reproduction, duplication, copy, selling, reselling, visiting, or exploiting the same in any other way or so.

* You cannot use any of our website’s Meta Tags or any of our hidden text for any personal or commercial purpose.

* You in no way try to get unauthorized access to our website or any of the features through any of your network systems or device.

Account Registration & Obligations

All the users on our website have to register and log in to our website while placing the orders on the platform. You, hereby, need to provide your correct account and registration details to make the final purchase. By registering with us and providing your personal information, you agree to receive promotional communication messages from our side in terms of offers, newsletters, and other promotional things.

As part of our registration process on the website, we can collect your personal identifiable information which is not limited to your name, email address, contact number, age, and more. We may also collect your interest, demographics, occupation, education, gender, etc., while you visit certain pages of our website for the purpose of attaining information or making a purchase. Moreover, all the information we collect from your side will be protected as per the stated privacy policy and kept fully safeguarded under our control.

Products Pricing

The organization showcases all the prices of products clearly on the website that are accurate and as per the market value. However, the prices might not be the same for a long time. As per the fluctuation in the marketplace, we change the prices of products accordingly and provide you with real-time information on the website itself. Still, the final price you see is at the time of checkout.

Promotional Offers

Only one promotional offer or discount code can be applied per order at any given time. Multiple offers cannot be combined or applied simultaneously.


You acknowledge the fact that you undertake all the measures before getting into a transaction at our website. You are doing it at your own risk while making the necessary purchases. Concerning the same, we showcase you an extensive variety of products with respect to different categories, colours, shapes, sizes, and patterns. However, there might be variations in the actual colour, shape, and appearance from the depiction on mobile or computer.

We do not take any responsibility in terms of providing warranties to our products. Nor do we get into the act of allowing customers to buy products from us and then resell the same to any third party. Moreover, we accept no liability for any error, inaccuracy or omission of third party information available on our site. We do not have anything to do with the third party providers.


It is the sole right of the customers to cancel their order at any point in time up to the cut-off time. Order cancellation can be made on our website or by calling on our customer care service. In such cases, a refund will be made as per the stipulated period of time. In case, we get to know any fraudulent transaction made by the customer, then we will cancel such orders.

Reviews, Feedback, Submissions

All the reviews, comments, and feedback submitted by you as our users or customers to our website shall remain the property of our enterprise. All the comments and suggestions received from your side that you submit to us is in response to our offered products and services to you. Thus, we provide you with the right to share your views freely with us and all the comments, titles, and interests received from your side will become our intellectual property and have complete copyright on the same. Moreover, we are not in the limited interest of using your suggestions, feedback, and comments for any commercial usage or otherwise.

As an organization, we are fully entitled to reproduce, modify, disclose, adopt and derive creative usage out of your submitted comments or feedback to us. We also have the right to make your comments available for public display and distribute any such information submitted to us for whatsoever purpose without finding any restriction or obligation. Additionally, we are and shall be under no obligation for:

* Maintaining your comments in confidence.

* Paying compensation for the comments.

* Responding to any comment.


Trademark & Copyright

Our organization, suppliers, and licensors have complete right over the intellectual property in terms of all the programs, text, content, products, technology, processes, images, and other material whichever is available on our website. As users or customers, you have the right to access such details mentioned for everyone on the website itself but it does not give you the licensing act of owning such information or our intellectual property. We have complete copyright over the content and things visible on the website at the front-end and technology used at the back-end. You are strictly prohibited to use the website’s information for the purpose of copying or sharing it fully or the partial part without getting the written consent of our company.

Note the fact that you cannot modify, distribute, or re-post anything which is visible on our platform for any personal or commercial purpose. All the names, logos, designs, pictures, service names, related products, slogans, and other things are the trademark property of our website or the licensing partners, affiliates, or suppliers. All the information available on the website belong to a particular entity belongs to us. We do not authorize you to access the name, logo, design, or any other information for any purpose except that for knowing more about our brand and offered products.

Moreover, all the information belonging to a third-party entity visible on our website does not belong to us and we have no control to stop the same. Thus, we suggest you stay away from the third-party information available on our site that we have no control to stop or delete the same. If you access such information, then it will be at your own risk.

Objectionable Material

You agree to the fact that by accessing our website, looking at our extensive range of products, or any other information, you might encounter some information that may deem to be offensive, objectionable, or indecent. The content of which might not be identified as such. In such a case, you agree to access our platform or avail of any of the product/services as per your own risk and that to the fullest extent permitted under the applicable law, our affiliates and the Company shall have no liability to you for any such content.


This User Agreement between you as a customer and we as the organization can be terminated at any point in time, either by you or we as an enterprise. You may also terminate the same and provide us with the information that you discontinue to access our website including that for availing the required information and purchasing the offered products. Moreover, we have the right to terminate this agreement without disclosing a particular reason and giving you prior notice regarding the same. Upon termination of the User Agreement, you shall not get access to the platform.